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Lingerie falls under the essential category of garments. It’s worn closets to the body and in no small way, influences how your outfits ‘sit’ on your body, as well as how confident you feel overall. Because of this, you ought to choose your lingerie with utmost care and attention. Each lingerie item you wear needs to be of a good fit and comfortable enough for you to wear all day. Anything that feels tight, loose or otherwise ill-fitting is a no. That said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have fun while buying lingerie. Some of it will be eye-opening, some will bring good memories, and some will reaffirm the endless possibilities within your reach.

For many women, lingerie is the secret tool they use to feel good about themselves. Many confess to turning to lingerie for a boost of feel-good emotions. Not a bad reason to wear lingerie! Well, here is all the information you need about some of the lingerie available, what’s common and what’s popular, and how to choose each.

As the lingerie responsible for supporting the breasts, holding them in place an ensuring the twins look good, the bra sits high on the priority list of important lingerie. The right bra will enhance your upper body, make your bust prominent and maybe even improve your posture. Bras come in many types, each denoting a different style and numerous designs.

Push-up bra – If you need help in making the bust look bigger than it really is, the push-up bra is your best friend. This bra elevates the breasts so that, against your blouse, they appear larger and firmer. Most have an underwire for extra support.

Balconette bra – If your wardrobe contains a number of low cut dresses and tops, consider investing in a balconette bra. This is a bra with low cut cups which keep the bra hidden out of sight once you’ve worn that low-cut dress. An underwire provides adequate support, at the same time keeping the boobs firm and ensuring they don’t look droopy. Balconettes have the shoulder straps set widely apart, so there’s no possibility of the straps showing while you go about your business.

Plunge bra – A sister to the balconette and another favorite choice for wearing under low-cut numbers is the plunge bra. This bra is designed to show cleavage. It’s made in such a way that the cups are joined quite low on the breasts, with most joining between the breasts at the base of the bust it, too, has widely set apart straps to allow you to wear clothes with wide necklines without the bra straps showing.

Contour bra – In this bra, the cups are machine-molded to fit the shape of the breasts. A layer of foam is inserted inside the bra fabric to help the bra retain its shape at all times. The bra may have a support underwire and can also be accentuated with lace, ribbons, bows and other detailing.

Bandeau bra – The bandeau is a strapless type of bra that’s best suited for small busts. Usually, this bra does not have opening and closing clasps, and goes over the head then down and over the breasts in a form-fitting way. The bra comes with detachable straps and you can wear it with or without the straps. Bandeaus can be worn as a form of crop top and look great paired with shorts, jeans or skirts. This is a full-n casual look which is only appropriate for select informal occasions. Or just lounging n the house or by the pool. Bandeau bras come in a wide range of colors and prints.

Strapless bras – These come with detachable straps to enable you wear them with or without the straps. They are a good choice for when you want to wear clothes that are wide around the neckline and those that go a little low at the front. A strapless bra needs to be of the right size for it to feel comfortable when worn. Avoid those that are too tight and loose-fitting ones which you’ll need to keep pulling up. The bra comes with a supportive underwire and molded cups to boost the shape and form of your breasts. Some parts are made from silicone, and these keep the bra snugly held against the skin, in this way minimizing the likelihood of the bra falling away from the breasts.

Convertible bras – Also known as multiway bras, convertible bras offer different strap configurations. This means you can remove the straps and reattach them on different hooks in a different pattern. For this reason, you can wear the bra with different clothes, even designs where conventional bras would show. Simply adjust the straps accordingly and no one will see what bra you have on underneath our dress. Most convertible bras can be strapped as a halter neck, crossover bra and as a regular bra.

Minimizer bras – Minimizer bras are designed to compress the breasts so that the breasts appear smaller. They work best for women with large busts, ultimately slimming down your upper body and enhancing your silhouette. To do their job, they’re fitted with full coverage cups. Wide, comfortable straps and underwire are used to enhance support for the breasts.

Full cup bras – Here, as depicted by the name, the bra cups cover the breasts completely. They’re best suited for women with big busts, but are also the bra of choice whenever you want maximum support and comfort. Because the cups come up really high, these bras can only be worn with high-neck clothing. Anything with a lower neck needs to be paired with a low-cut bra.

Demi cup bras – The opposite of full cup bras, demi cup bras cover only part of the breasts, with the cups coming up to just above the nipples. They’re best worn under low-cut clothes and those with wide necklines.

Sports bras – Sports bras are designed to keep you comfortable and support the breasts during exercise or other aggressive activities. They’re usually made from breathable fabrics to help you stay cool while you exercise. To fully support your breasts and eliminate breast movement, the straps are joined in racer-back style. This also allows you to move your arms and shoulders freely without any constriction.

Nursing bras – Maternity and nursing bras are meant to provide extra support for your breasts during pregnancy. Drop down cups and easy-to-clasp cups allow easy access to the breasts for breastfeeding once you’ve given birth. These bras are extremely comfortable and can be adjusted in line with the changing breasts.

Like bras, these come in countless types and more styles are added every so often. It won’t hurt to know one type of panty from the other. If anything, it helps you buy a greater variety to suit different occasions.

Briefs – The oldest design of the female panty, briefs, aka granny panties, provide full coverage, going round the entire butt, crotch and extending to the upper thighs. They also tend to be high-waist and aren’t appropriate for wearing with low-rise trousers. Otherwise, they’re very comfortable, if not the most comfortable type of panties in existence.

Boy shorts – A more modern design of the panty, boy shorts are a sexy little number that sort of resembles men’s briefs. Unlike the triangular shape of briefs, boy shorts have a more rectangular appearance and may extend a little further down the thigh.

Hipster panties – Perfect for wearing under low-rise trousers, hipster panties have a waist band that falls below the waist area. More precisely, the panty sits on the hips. They still provide full coverage and are quite comfortable to wear.

Thongs – Thongs provide minimal coverage, covering only the crotch and leaving all other parts bare. The thong certainly doesn’t get marks for coverage, but it gets multiple pluses for leaving no panty lines. Embrace the thong if you regularly wear tight fitting dresses and pants.

G-String – G-strings provide very little coverage, even less than what you get from a thong. It’s basically a string with a tiny patch of cloth at the crotch.

Bikini – The bikini offers just enough coverage both at the front and back. The front and back patches take the shape of a triangle and are joined to a string which forms the waistband. It sits below the waist and is therefore ideal for low-rise jeans and trousers. You can wear it with tight clothing as it doesn’t show panty lines.

The chemise is a sexy piece of lingerie that looks good on all body types. It boosts the feeling of attractiveness in many women and can be worn under a wide range of clothes. Soft and comfortable, he chemise can be worn at any given day or night. It’s typically made from luxurious materials like velvet, silk, satin and cotton, and can be accentuated using lace, ribbon, mesh, sequins or embroidery. It can be short or long, with sizes ranging from thigh length to mid-thigh length and full length.

A corset in the right style and size can magically transform your body shape, giving you a slimmed up, shapely, curvy body in an instant. In most cases, when you wear a corset, you don’t need a bra especially if you go for an overbust corset. An overbust goes over your breasts and offers full support such that it feels as though you are wearing a bra, only it’s more comfortable and shape-flattering. Anyone can wear a corset in style, from the petite to the plus size. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, and may be accentuated using lace, bows or ribbon.

Whichever lingerie you buy, ensure that it fits right, feels comfortable and soft against the skin, and is breathable. Have fun with the colors and choose different hues to depict different moods.